Shruti Sharma, onscreen mother of little Kullfi talks about her role and show!!

I don’t mind being de-glamorous as Nimrat Kaur is a very realistic character: Shruti Sharma

Actress Shruti Sharma who essays the role of Nimrat Kaur, mother of little girl Kullfi in Star Plus’ upcoming musical saga, Kullfi Kumar Bajewala is happy to be playing a de-glamorous avatar at a time when television is full of glamorized and well-dressed characters!!

Says Shruti, “I will any day prefer to play such a realistic character. I am very comfortable in the skin of Nimrat Kaur. I had not been part of television as I was not ready to do an unrealistic role. Well, the biggest plus is that I do not take time at all to get dressed up. All I need to do is to wear a simple kurti. I do not put any kind of make-up on my face.

Ask her about the USP of the show, and she states, “USP has to be one thing, but here there are a couple of things. The music used in our show is something out of the world. None of the shows have created such kind of music. Also when a kid is involved in a project, its concept is away from the saas bahu one. Another point is that the story will be relatable to people of all groups.”

The character of Nimrat takes Shruti on an over-emotional drive every day, so much so that she had to be told by her team to adapt to the switch-on and switch-off mode of acting. “There are so much of emotions involved with the character. In fact, on the fourth day of shoot, emotions took a toll on me and I fainted. After that, I have had my team members, members from the cast sitting with me and making me comfortable, telling me to switch off from the character once I get out of shoot. Earlier, I used to remain into the character so much. Why not? I simply love Nimrat Kaur; she’s so beautiful from inside. But now, I do cling to the off and on mode to keep a balance. Having said this, the character is so endearing to even switch off from it,” she states.

Shruti and child actress Aakriti Sharma aka Kullfi share a mother-daughter bond off the screen too. The best part is that the two of them have such striking similarities that actually stun the little girl’s real mother.

“Aakriti is fabulous. We are glad that she has all the innocence that the character needed. We have so many similarities that even her mother is puzzled. She told me that I had to be her real mom (smiles). We both have a mole on our lower lip. We like the same vegetables and flavour of ice-cream. We bond so very well… We take care of each other like a mother and daughter. While she handles my falling dupatta, I take care of her ponytails (smiles).”

So Sweet!!

Wishing you all the luck for Kullfi Kumar Bajewala, Shruti!!

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