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Aditi Sajwan on Star Bharat show Akbar Ka Bal Birbal.

We, as entertainers, are trying to spread smiles via our show Akbar Ka Bal Birbal: Aditi Sajwan

Popular TV actress Aditi Sajwan, who is known for the portrayal of Koyal in SAB TV’s Chidiya Ghar, is set to return to TV with Star Bharat show Akbar Ka Bal Birbal.

Aditi is excited to be back on TV, commenting on the same, she shares, “It feels great to be back on screen after a long gap. While the situation is dull everywhere, I got a beautiful show via which I can entertain my audiences, so it feels great to be back. I did Chidiya Ghar and it was a huge success so I am sure this show will also achieve great heights. I personally love doing comedy shows and it is fun to entertain audiences. The queen’s role is larger than life. I missed acting and the entire process of shooting while I was away from the TV. I am a workaholic but I was away for a long time from TV. However, I was enjoying my sweet time and was waiting for a good project so when this offer came to me, I grabbed it and I am back.”

Talking about her new role and show, she says, “It is a historical show but it has situational comedy, so the mixture of both is amazing for the audiences to witness. We as entertainers are trying to spread smiles via our show Akbar Birbal. Everyone enjoys a comedy show and I hope audiences will watch it.”

Commenting on the COVID-19 scare, she adds, “When I got the offer I was very happy but all my family members and friends kept on calling me and said that it is COVID situation and one needs to be aware of it all the time. I get a jolt on this realization. We are in danger that we can get affected anytime, it is very important we follow all safety measure and we are doing so.”

When asked about her lockdown phase, she quips, “Initially I was tensed as there was all negative news everywhere so I was sad. However, things started becoming normal. I created a lot of videos and I gave a few auditions from home. I cooked a lot. I also learnt a lot of lessons during this phase. This time taught us that we are safe in our homes and amid our people. Your inner happiness is very important along with your basic necessity. We as humans cry a lot and have a lot of aspirations but as the end only simple things are important. You need to be kind and generous towards others. During such a situation, I learnt that we need to be kind.”

Finally, “I would like audiences to watch the show as we are trying to bring positivity show and spread happiness.”

Good luck, Aditi!

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