Gurmeet Choudhary On The Suicides In The TV Industry, Mental Health

Everybody is dedicating time towards being physically fit but what about being mentally fit?: Gurmeet Choudhary

One of television’s most successful actors Gurmeet Choudhary is appalled by the spate of suicides in the television industry in the midst of the worst recession that the film industry has seen.

Says Gurmeet, “I think this uncertain financial situation applies to all fields and professions. The issue gets highlighted because of the publicity that the Bollywood and TV industry get. The entire situation of lockdown has an adverse impact on people in general and raises the anxiety level of what, when where. People, especially from this industry, are away from their homes and families so the emotional support is already missing. To top it, there is a problem of a sudden idle mind. These factors instigate incorrect thoughts to an already weak mind.”

Gurmeet brings up the issue of mental health. “Everybody is dedicating time towards being physically fit but what about being mentally fit? I feel all should strengthen themselves mentally to avoid such drastic steps such as suicide and this can be done only through modes of emotional support and positive thinking.”

What according to Gurmeet, is the way out to avoid loneliness during these troubled times? “Speaking out to your close ones, even if it is over the phone is the right way to relieve stress and further amplify the same relief by meditation. A strong mind is a healthy mind. If you feel there is someone who needs help, whom you can reach out to, then do not hesitate. Your time can help save someone from drowning so go ahead and throw that life jacket to those out there by telling them that you are there for them. What we are lacking in tackling in our society is the stigma that surrounds mental health and that needs to go, not later but from this moment.”

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