Actor Jaswinder Gardner is presently enjoying TV space with two contrastingly different characters in Sony TV’s Ek Deewana Tha and Zee TV’s Kaleerein.

While she portrays the role of the rich, sophisticated woman Madhavi in the Sony TV show, she is seen as a typical Punjabi middle class housewife in the Zee TV show.

Says Jaswinder, “It feels great as an actor to get diverse roles, with quite a lot of substance. Madhavi in Ek Deewana Tha was initially depicted to be negative, an alcoholic woman who was completely against her son Vyom getting married to Sharanya. However, it is very clear by now that she is a totally positive character, and was against her son ruining his life further for Sharanya. Contrary to this, the character in Kaleerein is of a concerned mother who has to go through all the humiliations by the NRI boy’s family just because she is not well-groomed and not educated enough to teach her daughter Meera how to be classy in order to suit the high-class society.”

Talking about interesting characters being etched in the TV land, Jaswinder states, “We actors are fortunate enough to play such a wide range of characters. As an actor, I believe in giving my 100 percent. I am presently enjoying the variations in my two characters thoroughly. Even look-wise, I appear different in my shows. I am glad to have got these challenging opportunities.”

Way to go, Jaswinder!!