The leading TV actress shares how she makes space for her friends and family in her busy life.

Popular television actress Divyanka Tripathi opines that the concept of weekends does not exist for actors as they keep hopping between projects.  She says, “There are no weekends off in a life of an actor, as all the days are same considering the fact that we shoot every day. However, we still manage to make time for all our actor friends on Sunday evenings.”

The recently released web series ‘Cold Lassi Aur Chicken Masala’ actress said that it is imperative to set aside a few minutes, and make space for loved ones, make a harmony among work and family time since they are the sole reason we do all the diligent work.

Divyanka confesses that although she was never a fan of cooking food, she always desired to learn cooking. She now spends her free evenings in learning the culinary art. This has helped her achieve the character mannerism for her recent romantic web series. At the same time, she reveals cooking has helped her bond with her mother in law and strengthening their relationship. “Food and cooking for loved ones is an altruistic activity. Even according to our culture, we give lot of importance to the vibes of a person while cooking a meal. For a large part of my life kitchen was a space to cook. It’s only recently that it has become my space to bond with my mother in law. It’s a different feeling as you tend to learn and engage in conversation, knowing her as a person much closer than I ever did before,” she says urging her fans to make space for friends and family in the rigmarole of life during a recent event of Godrej Interio.

Divyanka further says that there are different spaces in her house dedicated to different people in her life. Divyanka started her acting career with soap operas on Doordarshan is now a prominent face in the industry. She says that making time and space for family, friends and oneself is of utmost importance. She likes to loosen up with her friends in the living room which she fondly calls gaming zone.  “We can relive our childhood at home”, she quips.

While Sundays are the gaming nights, where Divyanka and her husband and actor Vivek Dahiya along with a few friends spend quality time in the house and catch up on each other’s lives.  “As children, we had so many activities to do contrary to today’s day and age wherein people are so glued to mobile phones, television sets and completely engrossed in their work. Therefore, we need to make conscious efforts to make time and space for our people.”