It is fun playing the larger-than-life character in Detective Didi – Manish Goplani

Manish Goplani talks about his new show Detective Didi.

It is fun playing the larger-than-life character in Detective Didi – Manish Goplani

‘No pains, no gains’. This saying sure applies to talented actor, Manish Goplani (Thapki Pyaar Ki), who isforced to stay out of Mumbai for his new crime-busting show, Detective Didi (Zee TV produced by Triflix Entertainment), as the show is based in the capital. “I really miss Tinsel Town. I am here for the entire month. The few off days I get, I prefer going home to Jaipur, which is closer to NCR.”

Talking about his cop character, he says, “It is an intriguing role, as viewers still do not know whether Bhim Singh Bhullar is positive or negative. The mystery regarding his intentions will only unravel over time. I have worked really hard on this larger-than- life character, following cop mannerisms, and adding my own take as well.”

“Male characters seldom get so much to do; maybe that’s the reason why I was ready to leave the comforts of Mumbai and come all the way to Delhi. It is quite chilly out here as well, although I love the nippy weather,” adds the actor.

Manish also likes this weekender story. “We are showing various crimes which have actually taken place in the recent past. There are always two sides to a coin. Here, it is the public perspective, as seen through the eyes of Detective Didi, and the system’s view on the whole thing (Police angle). Both have their own merits, yet both are not right all the time. You also have to appreciate the fact that cops are bound by protocol. Bunty Sharma, on the other hand, is free to do what she wants, to get the job done.”

He refused to speculate on how love will blossom between his character and Bunty (Sonia Balani). “We have not been given any brief on the same, yet. The emphasis right now is on the crime stories, and on the building up of the main characters.”

He appreciates Sonia Balani as a co-star. “She is a good performer, and is giving as an actor.”

Coming to Thapki, he says, “Even there, I had played a lot with my character. Both are as different as chalk and cheese. Bihan was a goon, while here, Bhullar is a cop. The only common underlying thread is that both are fun-loving and chirpy.”

In closing, Manish avers that, as an artist, he would like to essay all kind of roles. “The one role highest on my bucket list would be to essay Lord Krishna. With the numerous tales I have heard about him, it would be fun to explore his various facets.”

May you shine as an actor in the year to come, Manish!!

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