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Getting noticed or becoming popular is easier on OTT platform - Priyanka Bhattacharjee

Priyanka Bhattacharjee started her career in the entertainment industry when she was just 14 and ever since then, she’s been a part of many successful serials and web shows. Projects like Maa, Agnijal, Tumi Asbe Bole, Holyfaak, Byomkesh & many more have helped her establish her niche as an actress. As she gears up to move to the city of dreams Mumbai, Priyanka gets involved in a special interaction with IWMBuzz. Read to know more –

You started your career at a very young age. Do you think that having started early you missed out on some fun elements of your childhood or teenage years?

No, not at all, because when I used to work on the sets with co-actors of my own age, I had a lot of fun. Hence, I never missed out on the fun part of childhood. But growing up I realized school is an entirely different emotion where it’s not just about friends but also teachers which I did miss interacting with. But then all in all, I don’t regret because I always followed my passion.

You have done popular Bengali TV serials from a very young age. How did you cope up with shoot and studies back then at that time?

To be very honest, it was the most difficult and hectic time in my life because I was struggling trying to make it as an actor. But my school was very cooperative and supportive of my career choice. I remember during those days, I used to study all night long for exams, after which I used to report at the sets early in the morning for the shoot. Also, in between shoots I used to study inside the makeup room. Last but not the least, I am blessed to have parents who have supported and loved me throughout this journey and it is through their blessing that today I am able to complete my graduation.

You have done both TV soaps as well as web series. What do you think is more difficult in terms of getting popularity among the viewers in today’s time?

As we all know, TV serials and web series have their own set of audiences. TV serials are mostly watched by family members whereas web series have a different set of target audience which mostly comprise people from the younger generation. The storylines of serials are mostly dramatic and family-centered but web shows are coming up with interesting and creative plotlines which is more realistic in nature. Thus, people are drawn towards this raw format of storyline. Also, the present generation is spending a lot of time on social media where the web series phenomenon has gathered a huge following. Thus, I feel getting noticed or becoming “popular” is easier in the web series field.


Getting noticed or becoming popular is easier on OTT platform - Priyanka Bhattacharjee

You have already had a fantastic journey in the regional Bengali industry and now, you are looking forward to coming to Mumbai to start here. Given the current situation when discussions on nepotism are at its peak, do you at times feel it’s going to be difficult for a fresh new start? Does it scare you?

Nepotism was there before, nepotism is here now, and nepotism will always be present. But due to the recent tragedy of Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, it has been highlighted in the mainstream media. I feel if the real reason behind this case comes out in the light, then newcomers like myself, would be less scared of Mumbai. Also, I feel freshers would get more opportunities than those who have their Godfathers. But to be very honest I personally don’t have any problem if a star kid gets an opportunity. But my point is talent should always get prioritized first.

To answer your next question, the city might be new, but this won’t exactly be a start over because I have worked for 10 years in the Tollywood industry thus, I carry all the work experience with me. So, I am not scared at all.

What do you think is or will be the difference in the industry in Kolkata and Mumbai? What do you think is different in both industries?

Of course, Mumbai is different from Kolkata. Mumbai has more than 5000 production houses but Kolkata has an equally huge number of talents and creative people. Every detail in film production is recognized and minutely handled in a professional manner in Bollywood, whereas I somehow personally feel this high level of professionalism is overlooked in Kolkata. Also, you can say that the opportunities are very much saturated here, thus allowing fewer freshers to get a fair chance.

Lastly, how do you ensure you grow and get better in your work to be able to survive in a competitive space like Mumbai? What are your preparations like?

Fortunately, I have been trained by the best of the industry professionals since my childhood. Working with them, I have developed a strong work ethic and discipline for my work. I love my work and have a huge commitment towards it. Thus, I don’t worry about the competition, rather I am more focused in making myself the best of the lot. Results will take care of itself. I am very much excited and looking forward to this new journey in the city of dreams!

Talking of preparations, I am sincerely taking care of my health. I work out daily while maintaining a balanced diet. Not only that but I also practice yoga which sharpens my focus and helps me navigate through the spiritual side of life. I am trying to watch as many movies and new web series as possible. Trust me, it teaches you a lot! Apart from these, I am continuously researching about different movie production houses in Mumbai and trying to know more about the city, its people and the industry itself.


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