Sayantani Ghosh who is presently seen in Alibaba Dastaan-E-Kabul is romantic by heart, and talks about her pleasurable time with hubby Anugrah Tiwari on the occasion of Valentine's Day.

#HappyValentinesDay: Anugrah and I desire to have each other’s quality time: Sayantani Ghosh

Sayantani Ghosh and hubby Anugrah Tiwari have been the best of friends for years, after which they decided to get united forever in the bond of marriage. For the couple, all that matters is their togetherness, and their biggest blessing being the time spent together.

In a candid chat with, Sayantani Ghosh talks about their cute bond, their Valentine’s Day plans and their love life.


What does Valentine’s day mean to you and Anugrah?

Honestly, I as a person have never believed in celebrating just one day as anything apart from birthdays. I don’t believe in celebrating love for one day. But of course, I tend to understand that Valentine’s Day is dedicated to the people you love. For us, we just try and be with each other, and do the small things for each other. The saying goes like this, God is in details. Small gestures of love make us feel happy. On Valentine’s Day, we will do things that will make the other happy.

What are the plans this year?

I have applied for an off from work on the 14th. We will go for a breakfast buffet, followed by a Spa session. Towards the evening, we will have a romantic ambience with lights and candles, watching a movie together.

Will you call your jodi as a romantic couple? If yes explain why. If no mention how would you term yourself?

Yes, we both have our streaks of romanticism. I am mostly not at home as I get busy with shoot. So when I am free, I make reels and dedicate it to him. The most romantic thing he does is cook for me. He makes great Gajar Ka Halwa. At times, when I am back from work, he knows I am tired. He puts balm or gives me a massage, and takes care of me. I take care of the small things he likes. I sing for him. So they are small things that we like doing for each other.

What does love and the value of a relationship mean to you?

When I talk about love, what’s most important is to be able to count on each other. The initial few years are glittery and mushy. So when you are done away with the top layer, what comes is true companionship and friendship. He was like my family even before our marriage. That spoke a lot about our relationship. For me, that is the essence of any relationship. We know we are there to support and take care of each other. We are all emotional people. Ultimately, we need people whom we love a lot. I am always into serious committed relationships, be it any kind of relationship.

How would you describe Anugrah as a husband?

He is fantastic as a husband. He is a better husband when compared to me being a better wife. He pampers me, he surprises me more. He is very observant and knows what I want. He cooks for me and gives me healthier food options. He is my best friend and best companion. And when the same person is your husband, It is a great feeling.

What is it that you always look forward to from him?

There are so many things I look forward to. I always look forward to reaching home after work, having our conversations, eating together and watching something that we like to watch.

Describe your favourite together moment with Anugrah.

We have been in a relationship and friendship for over a decade now. So there is no one such moment.

What is your biggest desire or expectation from your husband?

We both are very down-to-earth, family-oriented people. So we don’t have any sky-high expectations from each other. What we desire is each other’s quality time. We like to have communication on at all phases of life. We want our friendship to be at the forefront always.

What is the gift you want from him this Valentine’s. What do you want to gift him?

Nothing materialistic. We both want togetherness.