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Sufiyana Pyaar Mera has a double role being played by Helly Shah named Saltanat and Kaynat, but Helly is nothing like Saltanat.

Helly Shah is nothing like Sufiyana Pyar Mera’s Saltanat. Here’s proof

Helly Shah is one of the television actresses who started their career as a child actress. Helly was first seen in the show ‘Gulaal’ of Star Plus as Talli. She also played the Alaxmi in ‘Alaxmi – Humari Super Bahu’. Helly rose to fame as Swara Maheshwari from the show Swaragini. She has also played Devanshi in Devanshi. Both above shows from Colors TV. In The years past Helly has also given episodic appearances in a few shows.

We are seeing Helly Shah for the first time in a double role, Saltanat and Kayanat in the ongoing show ‘Sufiyana Pyaar Mera’ from Star Bharat. We say that Helly in real life is nothing like her character Saltanat and we will tell you why we think so.

Helly being from a Gujrati family background, is a simple girl with a conservative nature and also is not much of fashionista she shows a lot of resemblance to her past character Swara from Swaragini. On the other hand her present charcter Saltanat is the opposite of what Helly Shah is in real Life, Saltanat is a modern girl with a free mind and a girl who lives her life on her own rules and is a fashion lover.

As we said, Helly shah is not much like her charcater Saltanat Shah, but more like Kaynat Shah. We can say that Helly is quite a versatile actresses and impresses her followers with every look of hers.

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