Hina Khan's diet regimen essentially includes Brazil nuts. Read below to know the benefits of Brazil nuts and what HK has to say about them.

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One of the well-known television actors and actresses with a distinguished stage career is Hina Khan. She was very recently at Cannes with her film too. Her career timeline has been on the upswing, going from everyday tv star to dominating the OTT platform. She is also very engaged on social media and often gives her followers an inside glance at her daily life. We are aware of what keeps her fit, thanks to her prevalent wellness updates on social media. Owing here, we have shared Hina Khan’s everyday diet regimen below.

Earlier she shared a picture on her Instagram stories, where she could be seen holding Brazil nuts in hand. Sharing the picture with her fans, Hina Khan talked about the benefits these nuts have on your body. According to her, thyroid disorders are caused by selenium deficiency because the thyroid hormone has the highest density of selenium in the body. Magnesium, copper, and selenium are all abundant in Brazil nuts. It should therefore be a staple in everyone’s diet.

One Brazil nut is all Hina Khan eats each day because “it has many health benefits.” However, she has also added that because every individual has got a different response system to a food item, it’s always to consult a dietician before taking up any diet in your regimen.

Know about Brazil Nuts

Brazilian and Bolivian Amazon tropical forests are the primary habitats of Brazil nuts, a type of tree nut. Their creamy texture and nutty aroma are frequently eaten raw or blanched. These nuts are among the most condensed dietary components of the mineral selenium, high in energy and nutrition, as mentioned by Hina Khan. Other minerals abundant in these nuts include calcium, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, phosphorus, and zinc.

By strengthening the body’s defences against infections, Brazil nuts help boost immunity. Brazil nuts also keep an eye on your overall health and beauty because they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Additionally, it lessens inflammatory response.

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