Ridhima Pandit talks about her anchoring experience in Dance Champion.

Hosting is different from acting and I am enjoying every moment as anchor – Ridhima Pandit

Bahu Hamari Rajni_Kant fame Ridhima Pandit is quite happy dabbling in the non fiction space for now.

Apart from occasional appearances in the Sony show The Drama Company, she is busy anchoring Dance Champion on Star Plus as well.

Says Ridhima, “Hosting is quite different from acting, for here we have to take a back seat and make it all about other people e.g. stories of contestants, their interactions with the judges and audiences etc. While I have loved all dance shows, our outing takes it even a notch higher for we have previous season’s champions and runners up in the fray. Every week they come up with unqiue moves which are on par with international performers.”

“Coming to the judges she states, “ I have always told Terence Lewis and Remo Dsouza that their class is so high that whenever there is a break, we have people coming on set to touch their feet. It is not easy to allow others to grow. But these guys allow it, so full respect to them.”

She refused to comment on the low ratings of her above Sony show. “As an artist I never bother about numbers. I am enjoying my stint as it allows me to take forward my comic journey which began with my debut show RajniKant.”

Ask her to choose between acting and hosting and this well-known model says, “Well I enjoy both. But if you ask me to choose, the former wins hands down. I want to return to fiction for sure, but nothing has caught my fancy. So I am holding my horses for the moment.”

Apart from TV, Ridhima will also soon start shooting for a web series. “I can’t give out details yet. What I like best about this format is that apart from less cumbersome schedules, we also have license to show what we want, with no censorship issues. But yes unfortunately some are misusing this freedom, for example, showing abuse during traffic jam is ok, but why in every other word? ”

In closing we broach the subject about her recent break-up with Hritik Roshan’s cousin Eshaan Roshan and she says, “He has always been a good friend and will remain. Please don’t ask me more as I have never talked about my personal life before and will not want to start now. ”

Ridhima, wish you the best!!

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