In conversation with Saumya Tandon

I am not your typical per day actor: Saumya Tandon

Hit &TV comedy show, Bhabiji Ghar Par Hai, has a modern and bold quotient, despite its traditional setting.

Lead actress, Saumya Tandon, is pleasantly surprised that the audiences have warmed up to her not-your-normal-crap-taking-bahu character. Rather, Anita keeps her husband on a leash, but not in a bad way.

She says,“Wanting love and romance from her husband, she does not mind pointing towards the bedroom. It is very tough for a good Indian woman to be the sex initiator, lest she be called characterless.That is the job of the vamp. Kudos to the channel and the makers, for having the courage to show a married woman’s sensual side.”

“To be able to express her feelingsis a big confidence booster for any woman. Remember, whatever she doesis in the privacy of her bedroom and with her husband. So what is the big deal?”

Point out the role-playing scene between Vibhuti (Aasif Sheikh) and her, and she says, “It was quite challenging, for the idea here was to show a bedroom scene of an urban couple, albeit, in a humorous way. So, it had to be sensuous, yet not look vulgar by lots of skin show. I tried to play it as natural as possible, for here, it is a loving wife indulging in foreplay for romance, and not a mistress just looking to get laid.”

Looking ahead, would she want to try her hand at acting in a web series? “The format is still in the nascent stage. People are experimenting with both, controversial and classy writing, in order to find out what works best with audiences.”

She does not rule out playing a bold role, if the character is juicy enough. “But not if the agenda is only skin show for titillation. I have turned down several such offers in the past.”

In closing, we ask her whether she doesn’t get bored doing the same show for such a long time.To which she replies, “Thank God, monotony has not set in yet, for the story is such that I get to essay different characters (gangster, cop,cat woman etc.). The moment I get bored, I will move on, without considering whether I have something else in hand or no. I am not your typical per day actor.”

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