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Sachin Tyagi, the talented actor talks about his career, life as an actor, his co-actors and above all, his family

I am surrounded by ‘beautiful’ women in my life – smiles Sachin Tyagi

Sachin Tyagi is a class act when it comes to doing justice to the roles that have come his way. Presently seen playing the role of Manish Goenka, Sachin is all classy and elegant in his rich-businessman role, at the same time exudes all the emotions that his character demands in the popular show, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai on Star Plus.

Says Sachin, “Work becomes so easy when you are working with a good Producer. Yeh Rishta is a show that gives actors the right platform to prove his / her merit. And when you work with such a soft-spoken Producer like Rajan Shahi, you always want to give your best. It is a pleasure working with him.”

Talking on how a character is developed over time, Sachin explains, “A lot of work goes into a character when it is introduced. That is when the actor starts to work on the character. But after the part gets established, a bit more of the liberty is given to the character to diversify its range and reach. The character is made to open up more, keeping in mind the basic characteristics of the person. Few new emotions are also brought to the fore. This is my ninth month in Yeh Rishta and my character has also opened up more in the recent times, now that it is established. My equation with my onscreen son remains patchy, but the viewers now know that though Manish Goenka is not very expressive, he loves his wife and mother a lot.”

Sachin is one of the rare actors who played father to a 21 years old girl in the show, Family Business, when he was just 29 years old. On playing the father roles, he states, “It is not about playing a father or not playing father. The role you play needs to be good. As an actor, you get into this line to act and get money. Getting fame and recognition for what you do is an added bonus. That’s the best part of being part of Yeh Rishta. It is a big show, and all the characters are so very well-etched.”

Sachin has been getting really enriching roles to play in the last few years. Considering the fact that the lead role in Swaragini wherein the story revolved on a mature love story between the father and mother went to him, one can say that he’s got the best roles in recent times. “Yes, you can say that life after 40 has been indeed good. I bagged the role in Swaragini when I was 40 years old. So life has become more colourful after hitting the 40 mark (smiles)!! To do things that a youngster would do was indeed good in Swaragini. So you can say that I am a ‘late bloomer’. Also, a beautiful flower in the form of my daughter bloomed exactly on my 40th birthday (smiles). My daughter and I share the same birthday. Her birth has only added more flowers to my garden. And today, my whole garden looks blossomed with flowers.”

According to Sachin, ‘patience’ is one attribute that an actor needs to have in order to get successful. “Take for example, a show like Yeh Rishta. The best part about this show is that the creatives are in no hurry to play around with characters. They give their own time for the character to settle down and get big. There is nothing that happens very abruptly in the show. You see different kinds of story-telling with various channels and producers. There are few shows wherein all happens with a bang, and then fades away too with a bang. But here, all happens very slowly. Trust me, there would be no character who has not got a fair chance of proving his / her worth in the long run of the show. The makers have been very fair with all the characters and have given them their worth. So yes, actors need to be patient and wait for their number to come. And when it comes, it is real action time and they need to give their best. As you can see, all the characters of the show are really famous and popular today as their stories last in the minds of audiences.”

He adds on, “Hence the youngsters need to be patient and wait for their chance to come. Yes, as youngsters, we have made mistakes and they are doing it now. But my advice for the young actors will be to not believe much in the present. Whatever you have today will not last, and whatever you want to aspire might not always happen. So don’t ever think that whatever you possess with you today, will last with you forever. If this show has been doing well for 9 long years, then you need to place faith in your producer and wait patiently for your day to come.”

In the last few years, Sachin has got the opportunity to share screen space with few really beautiful and talented women. Talking about this, Sachin exclaims, “Of course, that is why I say I am blessed (laughs). Parul (Chauhan) is very simple, straight-forward and an open girl. Parineeta (Borthakur) was more reserved, dignified and liked to maintain a distance. But both the girls have been very small in age. The common thing between them is that both have been very good actors. Not to forget, Gautami Kapoor who is again a great actor. Yes, I have been surrounded by few beautiful women. When I go home, I have a beautiful wife waiting for me, and also have my three daughters too (grins).”

For Sachin, all the roles that he has played in recent times have turned ‘gold’. To this, the actor with all positivity replies, “I don’t choose my roles; the roles have chosen me. I don’t think any actor can choose roles; he gets whatever has been destined for him. So I believe in the fact that roles choose the right person.”

At the age of 42, life looks extremely beautiful for Sachin (touchwood). Ask him if he has ever set goals for himself, he states, “I don’t want to think of how my life will shape up in the next few years. I am extremely happy now in my present. I don’t want to think about what will happen tomorrow. I have a beautiful life, so why break my head about future? I take each day as it comes. I am very grateful to God for what I have.”

Life with actor wife Rakshanda has been nothing but a fairy tale for Sachin. He takes this opportunity to share few facts about his married life with us, “There is nothing that I have not shared with Rakshanda. I have shared screen space too with her. I will say that I am just very lucky to have her in my life.”

Ask him about the secret of his happy married life and he is quick to say, “There is no secret at all. I just do not feel bored of her. I can even today spend all my time with her. I get very upset when she has to go out for work, when I have an off day. All that I can say is that, I have not had enough of her.”

Before signing off, we did ask Sachin whether he would want to work again with Rakshanda and he says, “Yes, definitely why not? I will be privileged to work with her again. It has been almost 9 years since we worked together in the show Kabhi Kabhii Pyaar Kabhi Kabhii Yaar. I am waiting for the day when I will work with her again.”

So cute!! We have no other words, but to say, stay blessed and as simple and grounded as you are, Sachin!!

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