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I ensure that I don’t look like other TV bahus: Saumya Tandon

Saumya Tandon, who has been impressing one and all with her performance in &TV show Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai, is quite excited about the current cat woman track who beats up the bad guys.

“I have been always a fan of this iconic comic character since childhood watching films featuring greats like Anne Hathaway, Michelle Pfeiffer and Halle Berry etc. A cat woman get up is common in Halloween and costume parties in the west. I would always tell my friends that I would throw one such bash myself and they would laugh. I am so glad that I got an opportunity to play her in my own show,” says Saumya, who gained name and fame courtesy TV show Aisa Des Hai Mera and then superhit film   Jab We Met, where she played Kareena Kapoor’s sister.

“That is the main benefit of doing a comic show, for you get to play different characters assuming various get up for e.g I have also played a rapper as well.”

Here Saumya, who designs her own costumes in Bhabhi Ji says, “Although, I have maintained the basic look of the character, I have added my own touches in the form of gloves, shoes and glares etc, it is real fun.”

Talking about her general look in the show, she says, “I take pains to ensure that I don’t look like other TV bahus.  Although my married woman character Anita adorns saris, she wears very classy and modern ones. I want to break the myth that married women don’t look glamourous wearing mangal sutra. Today many married women in Punjab and other northern states have a very modern look.”

“Having said that I also kept in mind that she is still a modern but Indian woman, so there are no bikini blouses. I have to admit that I got so much creative liberty because my character is shown to be a former Miss Kanpur, who now runs a grooming school.”

Saumya sits down with the ladies who stitches her costumed and do the embroidery. “I don’t take industry costume people for I want to stand out from the rest.  My entire off day goes in finalizing the costumes for the next two months. Over the course of the last two years I have become a designer in my own right, and it feels nice when people praise my look in the show.”

Way to go, Saumya.

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