Actress Twinkle Arora who has been known for her portrayal in Colors’ Udaariyaan, feels totally responsible for keeping her country clean. Today (5 June), on World Environment Day, Twinkle pledges to be of great support and talks about the ways in which she helps safeguard the environment.

Says Twinkle, “I love my environment, and I feel responsible for keeping it clean. I take all necessary measures to ensure this. I make sure to turn off lights when not needed and never throw garbage around or let my friends do so. After watching a video, I became more aware that small plastic pieces from cut packets are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable, making them difficult to collect. So, I make sure to cut packets in a way that keeps the pieces attached, avoiding separate garbage. I also separate wet and dry garbage. Besides switching off lights, separating plastic, and carpooling, I strictly ensure that no one around me throws garbage outside the dustbin.”

“Hailing from Chandigarh, a city renowned for its beauty and cleanliness, I follow the practice of disposing of waste in its right place, which I believe is a significant step. If everyone starts doing this, we can bring about considerable changes. When I advise people against littering, they often respond with “What difference will it make if I don’t do it?” But if we all start doing it, it would indeed make a significant difference.”