Deepshikha Nagpal who has survived in the industry for long, credits her professionalism for her long stay. Read here for details.

I give my best to work, no matter what happens in my personal life: Deepshikha Nagpal

Deepshikha Nagpal, who is playing the main negative lead in &TV horror family drama show, Main Bhi Ardhangini, is quite excited about her role. “Like you all know, it is based on Aruna Irani’s sweet evil mom character from the super hit film, Beta. I had loved the character back then, so am on cloud nine to get a chance to reprise it on TV.”

Talking about the supernatural angle, she says, “Well let’s face it; it sells, and secondly, our ghost is not bad; she is just possessive about her husband, hence the title.”

Deepshikha is among the few actors to have survived out here, while many others have come and gone. “I guess you can credit my staying power to sheer professionalism. I always give 100% to my work, no matter what is happening in my personal life (divorce, remarriage with younger man, friction and back together). Also, I am a very jovial person. No wonder, when my name was first bounced for Main Bhi Ardhangini, the team immediately green-lit it. They knew that I will not only keep the atmosphere light but also deliver the required goods in quick time, sans the tantrums associated with many.”

Point out that she still looks very good, and she says, “It does not come free; you need to slog it out in the gym like I always do, but it is worth the efforts when you land a role that requires a glamorous lady, even if she is a mother.”

Here Deepshikha adds, “It feels bad when normal women say why we need to stay fit. I would like to tell them – it is the right of every woman to look hot. Even after my kids were born, I made sure to get back into shape. Luckily for me though, I did not put on too many kilos.”

Looking ahead, Deepshikha would also want to try her hand at web series. “I have always pushed the envelope, even when TV first gained traction. I was among the early birds to move to the tube despite many naysayers warning me against it, calling it a suicidal move,” says Deepshikha, who arrived on the B-town scene with Koyla.

“Having said that, I will not do nude digital stuff. I have never done it before, so why start now?”

Best of luck, Deepshikha!!

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