Utkarsh Gupta the talented young actor of Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 fame is smart in his answering tonality. He is sensible in his thoughts and vision and this was very much seen when he took our Rapid Fire questions.

Check them here.

The superpower you want to have:

I want a superpower with which I can change the destiny of India

Film character you are similar to in real life:

Aisi koi movie bani nahi hai, I am the only one. Nobody can be like me, I am very unique

The kind of inspiration you crave for:

I inspire myself. I am excited to do new things always and this is the inspiration in me that carries me forward

Tell us a joke:

I don’t know to crack jokes

If you are looking for a quote that will inspire you for a new day, what will it be:

Always remember when you started. This quote inspires me for the new day

Your favorite sanitiser brand:

I don’t mind if the sanitiser is of any brand. But it should have 99% alcohol in it

Something you are really attracted to during lockdown:

My guitar. I got so attached to playing it during the lockdown

What kind of books do you like to read:

I like to read theatre-related books

If you turn a painter for a day what will you draw that signifies your life:

Actually I paint. Whenever I am sad or I am in an angry mood, I start painting. The process is for 8 days, and I breathe easy only when I am complete with my painting

The kind of hairdo you love the most:

Messy hair, I like.