Actress Twinkle Arora who plays the lead role of Nehmat in Colors’ Udaariyaan, has had a brilliant year with the show. She has had trouble with her health recently but has always seen to it that she has given her best to every scene.

The show Udaariyaan is presently focused on heavy-duty drama with the lead characters needed to indulge in action scenes, dramatic sequences and emotional ones.

Says Twinkle, “It has almost been a year since I stepped into the show as Nehmat. We dream about being actors, but the real test is when you are at your job. When you get into the skin of the character you play, you know how much you have to give to the role and the scenes.”

Talking us through the health problem she had recently, Twinkle avers, “We shoot for long hours. We have scenes that require a lot of intensity and emotional engagement. You have romantic scenes too, where you need to show pain and sadness. All of it can take a toll on the mental health. I have faced such a dark zone, as there was a lot of crying involved in the track. It affected me a lot, but courtesy of my close ones, I could safely navigate this phase.”

Twinkle feels that she is mostly like Nehmat as she is also strong like her onscreen persona. “But I don’t think I will ever indulge in so much sadness and crying.”

Twinkle is doubly enjoying this rainy weather. “I love rains. Shooting is always fun during rain, especially when you get to have hot tea, pakoras with the team. I crave to go on vacation during this rainy season. It has been a year since I went on vacation. I want to see the waterfalls and enjoy my time.”

On her favourite pastime, Twinkle explains, “I like to sleep and rest. I am sure most of my actor friends will relate to this pastime of mine. We do not get enough rest, and we welcome it whenever we get a chance to nap it out. I also like going out for a drive. That’s my calmness and chaos.”

Best of luck, Twinkle!!