Helly Shah talks about her new show Sufiyana Pyaar Mera

I’d rather sit at home than do something unexciting – Helly Shah

Cute actor Helly Shah is looking forward to her double role in new Star Bharat show, Sufiyana Pyaar Mera (LSD Films Private Ltd).

“As the title suggests, the story is about pure love. It is said that one who loves God (Sufism is about God and love) will love his fellow human beings equally.”

“I play two contrasting modern Muslim girls (Zara and Sultanat) and the hero Zaroon (Rajveer) gets caught between us due to circumstances. As the promo suggests, one of my characters turns him down. You will need to watch the show to find out more.”

Helly regards this show, “As one of the most challenging outing of my career as I really had to work on my Hindustani (Hindi and Urdu). At first I did find the going tough, and couldn’t pronounce the words correctly. But luckily, since I got time to work on myself courtesy diction classes and workshops, I managed to overcome the hurdle. My main issue was that I wanted my language to appear normal and not forced. I also saw lots of Muslim family interactions on the web and also studied the given reference materials.”

She continues: “Given the daily format, many a times we have to shoot both the characters within a span of a few hours. So I have to keep switching on and switching off, which can be a tad taxing. But I am not the one who refuses to rise up to the moment.”

Talking about her career growth, she says, “I am very happy having ticked all the boxes so far. I am now luckily in that position where I don’t need to pick up anything. I’d rather sit at home than do something unexciting, preferring quality over quantity. No wonder I waited for a while after Devanshi wrapped up,” says Helly, who first got name and fame courtesy Swaragini. She was also a part of Jhalak Dikhla Jaa 9.

“The out of sight is out of mind fear does not trouble me. I have also matured and no longer want to be only #1. My mojo is to be known as the actor capable of pulling off any type of role. Here, I must credit social media which allows us actors to stay in touch with our fan base even when not working.”

Helly got a bit emotional when senior actors of Sufiyana Pyaar Mera praised her work at the press conference where we spoke to her. “I am just thankful for these kind words, which will further encourage me to push the envelope even further.”

In closing, Helly would also love to try her hands at web series, “If I get some time and a juicy enough concept.”

However, she will not go bold, “As I am not comfortable.”

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