Anurag Sharma who plays the role of Anand Thakur in Colors' Doree, gets talking about his role and the show. He talks at length about the concept the show deals with.

It is very important that shows like Doree do well: Anurag Sharma

Actor Anurag Sharma who started his acting journey with Pavitra Rishta and has proved his capability in playing varied challenging characters, is presently seen in the role of Anand Thakur in Colors’ newly launched show Doree. This show produced by Jay Productions deals with the fight of an abandoned girl child.

In an exclusive conversation with, Anurag talks about his character, show and much more.

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Tell us about your character in Doree?

Anand Thakur is a person who is greedy towards his mother’s wealth, luxury and property. He has no attachment whatsoever to his family, wife and kids. He only wanted a son and not a daughter so that the son could inherit the family wealth and property. This led to him abandoning his girl child, Doree. He feels that only if he has a son, he can beget his mother’s riches. Overall, he is a very self-centred man. He can also end his mother’s reign in the future to get her riches.

How does it feel to be part of such a prestigious show that addresses the social issue of an abandoned girl child?

It feels good. This is a social concept that needs to be addressed. I am very happy to be playing a part in this show. We hope that the message that the show wants to convey, reaches the viewers in the right manner. Mine is a negative character in the show. But in reality, I always pray for the destruction of the bad and the success of the good. So this show is an effort to educate the masses about the value of a girl child. It is important that this show succeeds.

How justified is your character when it comes to trying to kill his own daughter?

It is not justified, according to me. It is a story and we are part of it as characters. In reality, if you are blessed with a daughter, you need to protect her, and give her the best in life. One needs to choose the right way to beget property. It is certainly not justified to kill a daughter as she cannot acquire property. One needs to work hard to acquire wealth and happiness.

How is it to work with the cast of Doree?

It is a very good ambience on the set. All are friendly and warm.

What do you think is the best part of your character?

It is an important character in the show. He has his own problems in life. As a performer, there is a lot of scope to do different things as per the requirements of the scenes.

How has the response been to the show?

Whoever has told me, they have loved the show. The TRP that has come so far has been good.

What are your expectations from this show?

I pray that the concept that the show is dealing with needs to be dealt with in a very effective way. Also, I pray that the show does not deviate from the main concept. The social problems that are prevalent in the country now, need to be brought about in the show. It has to be executed well on screen so that it educates the masses. I want Doree to do well as it has a challenging concept and tackles a social issue that is prevalent in the time we are in.