Actress Jyothsna Channdola Singh who is an avid fitness enthusiast, always indulging in regular workouts, martial arts, boxing and MMA fights, has injured herself, in one such MMA fight. She is now nursing a multiple ligament tear and a meniscus tear on her knee. Her condition is quite concerning and has been advised to have surgery to set her knee right.

Says Jyothsna, “The last few days have been really concerning. I was performing in an MMA fight where I suffered an injury. The injury turned out to be quite bad, with multiple ligament tears and a meniscus tear on my knee. I have had immensely painful days, and am going in for a surgery which has been planned in the coming week.”

Jyothsna had her well-wishers questioning her on her interest in MMA fights, boxing etc, where the risk of injuries are more. Jyothsna says that she has been doing all of it for many years now. “It is very important to know the art of self-defence. Learning to stay safe even under adverse conditions is good. However, one needs to be safe while practising them. I am mostly very careful when I indulge in such fights. However, I would say that I was having a bad time when this accident occurred. My team and coaches have been very supportive and so has been my family.”

Talking about her recovery, Jyothsna says, “It is mentally depressing to not be able to do things on your own. I use the walker now and need help with everything. I hope and pray that I have a good recovery from this lean phase.”

Wish you a speedy recovery!!