Kasautii Zindagii Kay has a loyal fan base, they will return once we are back: Parull Chaudhry | IWMBuzz

Parull Chaudhry speaks to IWMBuzz on her projects, Youtube videos, lockdown blues and more...

Kasautii Zindagii Kay has a loyal fan base, they will return once we are back:  Parull Chaudhry

Parull Chaudhry of Divya Drishti fame currently seen in Kasautii Zindagii Kay is an avid YouTuber and her latest video will make you roll on the floor. She dolls up to throw out the garbage with the line that everyone will check me out.

“It was hilarious to make this one, and my super creative mom always helps me along. Our neighbors too burst out laughing when they saw the same.”

Here Parull adds with a straight face that “the lockdown is making it very difficult for women to look their best sans beauty salons, yet we are doing our best.”

“I hope other women to follow my routine when emptying their bins. It will surely lighten up their respective societies. On a more serious note, such fun moments are need of the hour in today’s Coronavirus hit mood. If I can bring a smile to someone’s face, it is worth the effort,” adds Parull who has done other shows like Tere Mere Sapne and Piya Albela.

Coming to her YouTube funda, she says, “The only you can break out of the clutter is to be innovative and funny. And if you can make it topical as that would be like the cherry on top.”

Shifting gears to Kasautii, which she has just joined as RakhiBasu, Parull shares, “We all actors are in constant touch and hoping to get back to set as soon as possible. There is some fear of the audience coming back or not after a break, but I am sure our kickass story will ensure that we don’t hurt much. Also, Kasautii has a very loyal fan base.”

Talking about Divya Drishti, Parull says, “Had this Mukta Dhond Production continued for a bit longer, we might have got one more extension for I don’t think channels will risk launching newer shows in the current uncertain times. All said done, I enjoyed my bit. At first, it was tough to hold our laughter enacting all those actions dressed in our Sunday best. We eventually bowed out with grace. Even now, fans keep asking when will season 2 return, and will I be a part of it?”

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