Life has completely changed for me after Bigg Boss: Nitibha Kaul

The actress is all set to host a new dating show

Life has completely changed for me after Bigg Boss: Nitibha Kaul

“It is a great concept for reality shows reflect true feeling and we are giving the youth a chance to express what they feel about their beloved on national TV and thereby getting a crack winning title of the Most Adorable Couple. This also gives them an opportunity to become famous. What more could you ask for?” says the beautiful damsel.

But how real are reality shows? “Look, coming from the most controversial and supposed scripted show, I can tell you it is the not the latter for sure. As for the former, that happens because people react.  But then you can’t stop people from making their own assumptions. This same funda applies to my current show, we are real but if you want to believe something else, we can’t stop you either.”

So what kind of contestants would you and co host Manu Punjabi (Bigg Boss 10 again) be looking for in the audition rounds? “Someone who is genuine and not looking for false fame.  Talent and pleasing  personality would be equally important attributes.”

Here we change gears and ask Nitibha about her best and worst personal dates. “I dig the simpler things in life, like a coffee and a long drive in the rain.  I also like having a fancy date, once in a while.  On the flipside when the conversation in the long drive goes south and both start quarrelling, I would call that my worst experience.”

Looking ahead, Nitibha says she is open to good work in both films and TV. “Life has completely changed for me after Bigg Boss, people on social media want to know everything about me and my life.  While I am basking in this glory, I also feel the burden of responsibility about people’s expectations. So I need to make sure that I put my best foot forward.”

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