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Megha aka Krishna of the Star Plus show in conversation.

I like the professional outlook of the Hindi TV industry: Megha Chakraborty

Megha Chakraborty of Star Plus show, Krishna Chali London feels more comfortable in the Mumbai TV industry, as opposed to back home in Kolkata, where she has done Bengali films and TV serials.

“Folks out here are more concerned about work than other things, unlike in Kolkata, and I quite like this professional outlook of the Hindi TV industry,” she says.

“I came to Mumbai for Badi Devrani. The fact that I gave my audition in Kolkata was one factor that made me say yes. You can’t come to a new city sans confirmed work,” she states.

She then went to do Peshwa Bajirao and other shows.

Talking about her current character, she says, “Krishna is very ambitious, and wants to become a doctor; however marriage is a stumbling block. I am quite ambitious like her in real life, but yes, more mature. That has to be, for I am older than her as well.”

Like most Bengali actors, Megha too faced Hindi diction issues at first. “We Bongs do have problems with gender. I was given a tutor who made me get the pronunciations right. Slowly and steadily, I got the hang of the lingua franca of India.”

Since your current character is Kanpur-based, how did you deal with the regional dialect? “Well, I had played a Lucknowi lass in my last show, Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par. So got the hum part right; and as for the other peculiarities, I follow the written script and the guidance of the creative team.”

“I am really glad to be a Bengali, for we guys seem to have classical arts and literature imbibed in our blood. Even my family is quite learned. No wonder, many TV and film actors and professionals are all Bongs.”

Point out that the ratings of Krishna Chali London are not huge, and she says, “Given the fact that we both leads are not yet well known, we are getting decent traction for the super prime time 9 pm slot. It is always better to rise slowly, rather than begin with a bang and then peter out.”

She is also enjoying the company of all her co-stars (Gaurav Sareen, Piew Jana, Sushmita Mukherjee, etc.). “We really hit it out, sharing lunches, joking around, etc. Several times the creatives have to shout-guys, time out, please concentrate on work. On a more serious note, if you get cooperative co-actors, shooting becomes a breeze.”

In closing, we ask her when Krishna will leave for Old Blighty, as the title suggests. She says, “There is still some time left before she resolves her family issues.”

Way to go, girl!!

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