Puja Banerjee speaks on playing Mehak in Dev 2

I am lucky that I bagged Dev 2: Puja Banerjee

Beautiful and talented Puja Banerjee is mesmerizing he audience again with season 2 of Dev beaming on Colors.

Talking about it, she says “We have kept one notch higher as its season 2 and hence it took little time to be back on-screen. Audience motivates and inspires us hence we wanted to bring something worth for them. We are done with our efforts and its result time which is in the hands of the viewers. We are confident of our project as we know we have done a good job.”

She further adds, “There is pressure because audience has a lot of expectation and we have to meet them. It is not just for us or for the show, in general, when we take up something in life, we have to fulfill it with a lot of hard work. I think Mehak is a very important character in my career, we hardly see such roles been written on TV. More than being happy, I am lucky that I bagged this show wherein I can prove myself as an actor. I am thankful to the channel and producers.”

Puja feels that her character Mehak is opposite to her real life personality. “Mehak is not like me at all. It is not positive, not negative but everything together which itself is a challenge. I can’t think the way the character thinks in the show so I face a lot of problem while portraying it. But I feel the character has a different level of intensity which makes it unique from others.”

When we ask her take on digital platform, she adds, “Initially, there was TV, which had one channel. Later, it became huge after number of channels increased. Now, it’s the digital platform which is ruling. It becomes easier for people to watch. Now, people don’t have time to sit and watch TV hence this is a nice switch wherein they can watch anything they love on the go. Digital is entertaining people who don’t get time to go for a movie or watch TV.”

Well said, Puja!

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