Rupa Divetia popularly known as Heera from the Zee TV show, Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre in conversation with

I am lucky to have a genre neutral face – Rupa Divetia

Veteran actor Rupa Divetia is quite happy with her negative character in the Zee TV show Jeet Gayi Toh Piyaa Morre (Jay Productions).

Says the actor describing her role, “Heera is not your normal mother; she is like Draupadi having vengeance in her heart. The show is also doing well, for we have a great story to tell apart from good performances all over.”

Rupa better known for her great Kkusum role is among the fortunate few to have got to play all kinds of characters i.e. don in Ghar Ek Mandir, abnormal personality in Shri and comedy in Khidki etc. “Being an artist I have no genre restrictions; some actors are hesitant about playing negative unlike me. I am also lucky to have a genre neutral face.”

On her funda about the Idiot Box she says, “TV is no longer only about entertainment; it has become an essential part of our lives, especially for home makers.Our serials not only provide them company but also act as a stress buster.”

Ask her about the importance of character artists in a lead driven TV environment and she shares her thoughts. “We are the pillars of the show; the lead artists only provide the color and face. Hence if the foundation is weak no matter how much glitz and glamour you add, the edifice will still come crashing down.”

Talking about the busy and over-worked moms seen on television she says, “Agreed our characters might be larger than life, but yet are always inspired from real life. There are many rational women like my Kkusum character who stood by her daughter-in-law. Similarly there are also mothers like my current character who protect their sons despite them being in the wrong.”

Do you think gen next gives senior actors like you due respect? “It all boils down to give and take. If you are good, they are good in return and vice versa. I spend more hours on set with them than my family. So you can say they become part of my life. Even after years of Kkusum, I am still close to Nausheen Ali Sardar who played my daughter-in-law in

the show, ditto with Anuj Saxena, and he keeps my picture in his room.”

Wish you all the best, Rupa!!

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