In an exclusive conversation with, Rachana Mistry spoke in length about her role in Sony Entertainment Television’s intriguing narrative, ‘Dabangii – Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi’, challenges of stepping into a well-established character and more. Read on:

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Rachana Mistry, the popular actress, who was last seen in TV show Na Umra Ki Seema Ho, recently stepped into the shoes of Maahi Bhadra to play a grown-up Arya post-leap in Sony Entertainment Television’s intriguing narrative, ‘Dabangii – Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi’. In an exclusive conversation with, Rachana spoke in length about her role, challenges of stepping into a well-established character and more. Read on:

Welcome to Dabangii – Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi. Can you tell us what drew you to this role?

This role is very different from what I have done before. I believe it’s a very strong character. I have always wanted to play a Marathi girl, so I am thrilled to be playing Arya. I really admire her; she’s so strong and courageous. Despite her strength, she’s not insensitive; instead, she’s emotional and full of love. Arya knows how to get what she wants, and I was attracted to that quality.

Arya is the lead character in the show. How do you plan to portray her, and what aspects of her personality do you find most intriguing?

Honestly, there’s no set plan to portray a character. It’s about finding that character within yourself. I am trying to find Arya inside me and bring her to life. I hope to connect with the audience and do justice to the role. Mahi has done such a wonderful job as young Arya; I just hope to live up to half of her charm and energy. I admire how Arya stands up for others, even when people these days’ struggle to stand up for themselves. She knows what’s right and isn’t afraid to fight for it.

Joining an established show can be both exciting and challenging. How do you feel about stepping into such a prominent role after the leap?

I am really excited about the opportunity to play Arya. I feel a strong sense of responsibility to do justice to the role. Mahi has set a high standard as Arya, and living up to that is a challenge and I’m ready to take on this challenge.

What kind of preparation did you undergo to step into the shoes of Arya, especially considering the developments in the storyline post leap?

I focused on understanding Arya’s journey and the emotions driving her. Nilanjana Ma’am, Yash, and Rohit Sir have been incredibly helpful in guiding me through Arya’s character development. The preparation is ongoing as Arya’s character continues to evolve.

Dabangii – Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi has a dedicated fan base. How do you plan to connect with the existing audience while also bringing your own unique interpretation to Arya?

I will do my best to portray Arya authentically. It might take some time for the audience to adjust to the grown-up Arya, but I will ensure her essence and the spirit that resonated with viewers remain intact. I hope the audience will accept and embrace my portrayal of Arya.

Lastly, what are your personal goals or aspirations as you embark on this journey with Dabangii – Mulgii Aayi Re Aayi?

As an artist, I hope to grow and learn from this experience. Playing Arya fills me with pride, and it would be a dream come true if the audience loves my portrayal. My ultimate goal is for the audience to accept me as Arya and continue supporting the show.

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