IWMBuzz engaged in a conversation with Mohsin Khan on Instagram Live. Read the conversation here for more details

We made some special panipuri at home for mom’s birthday – Mohsin Khan

Mohsin Khan aka Kartik’s popularity knows no limits in the Television industry. His on-screen chemistry with Shivangi Joshi is extremely loved and ‘Kaira’ is one of TV’s favourite pair. Read the conversation below

So, what has quarantine been like at home?

It’s good so far although I am not at all happy with the situation in the world. The trouble needs to end soon and may God solve all the trouble the world is facing because of this epidemic. May the vaccine be out really soon and life resumes to normalcy. I am spending quality time with mom, dad, and my brother and we are loving every bit of it

How do you handle so much love from the audience?

I truly feel blessed and fortunate. I love every bit of affection coming my way and it humbles me every time. I love all who show me and our show a lot of love. We are there because of them

Do you actually get to read all Instagram messages from fans?

Honestly, I want to read them all but there’s some notification issue on Instagram due to which it is not always possible. But I must say that I read all the comments that come. I love every bit of it.

Lastly, how has mom’s birthday been celebrated?

Oh lovely. The entire family got together and we did things like making panipuri at home to baking cake. We also tried experimenting with Ferrero Rocher chocolates for the cake. Very very happy to be together on this special day.

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