Ankit Siwach is back on TV screens with Zee TV’s Manmohini. And here he talks about his new role and show.

Manmohini will weave magic with its complex maze of mystery: Ankit Siwach

Handsome hunk Ankit Siwach, who rose to fame with Star Plus’ Rishton Ka Chakravyuh, is presently seen as the lead in Zee TV’s supernatural show, Manmohini produced by Prateek Sharma’s LSD Films.

Ankit will be seen as Ram a young dynamic businessman from London with a royal lineage, a king in his previous birth now reincarnated as an extremely affluent, polished young turk. The show will have flashbacks and shuffles between Ram’s previous birth and his present day while narrating the story of two women at war over him, Siya – a modern day mortal and the other an immortal spirit Mohini. He finds himself trapped in the web of Mohini’s love which changes the course of his life forever.

Talking about the show he says, “Manmohini will weave magic with its intricate maze of mystery, love, paranormal powers and above all, a gripping narrative. A lot of hard work has gone into essaying this character and I am happy, excited and nervous all at once.”

When asked if he feels competition with another supernatural genre show, he shares, “I feel when a particular thing gets famous it becomes the trend. Be it fashion or beauty, it is the same with TV shows. I feel there is a trend now of supernatural show. It has been a year that this genre shows are getting rave numbers. It also helped in the increase of GRP of TV channels. Also people are enjoying such shows. It is something new for them apart from the normal saas-bahu dramas. During our childhood, we used to watch Cinderella and Robin Hood and find them fascinating although they were not real. I feel in such kind of shows we give the liberty to the audience to imagine a lot. The way we portray matters the most and if we do our job well, audience will accept and love it. We are here to entertain, and fantasy stories are the most entertaining ones. Although it is not relatable, but your emotions should be touched and felt after reading and viewing.”

Ankit believes in focusing on content and performance rather than TRP. “I won’t comment on TRP as sometimes 8pm slot show doesn’t work and a 6pm slot series is showered with immense love. So this is not a factor to bother about. However, we really hope audience watch our show and give it their love.”

Well said, Ankit!


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