From watching kebab vendors in Lucknow to judging budding chefs in MasterChef India, celebrity chef Ranveer Brar is one of the renowned names in the industry. He is currently seen as the judge of Sony Entertainment Television’s culinary-based reality show MasterChef India along with Chefs Vikas Khanna and Garima Arora.

Ranveer recently got candid about the show and said, “Masterchef India is a perfect platform for home chefs and passionate cooks to showcase not just their culinary talents, but also put forth their relationship with food via the dishes they create. It gives everyone an insight into the varied flavours the contestants have grown up savouring and the stories behind them. I feel it also helps inspire more upcoming talents. I think this season is extremely focused on contestants’ growth and input toward the same. I feel it’s a very special season going by the immense talent we have, especially to see the huge jump in their quality post-pandemic. That’s what makes it special and exciting.”

Talking about Indian cuisine, the chef mentioned, “Indian cuisine is one of the most versatile and adaptable and I don’t just say this out of bias. But our cuisine has actually been ahead of its times since centuries. The demographic and cultural adaptations of ingredients and flavours is incredible. Our concept of eating local and seasonal is what the world is waking up to now and that’s what will continue contributing to true sustainability in the longer run.”

When asked about one dish that he wants everyone to taste once in their lifetime, he added, “I think everyone should definitely taste a good Khichdi, however, it’s made in their respective regions. I call Khichdi an emotional Nirvana. For me personally, Khichdi paired with a Kathiawadi style Kadhi is a perfect soul food.”

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