Senior actress Krutika Desai talks about her experience being part of Star Plus’ Mere Angne Main.

Mere Angne Main had the potential to run for five years – Krutika Desai

Versatile performer Krutika Desai has been living the life of the mighty Shanti Devi for long now!! With her needing to get out of her character with the show Mere Angne Main nearing its closure, the actress talks to about her journey being in the character and in the show.

Says Krutika, “The journey has been fabulous and lovely. Yes, it has been hectic, but I have loved Shanti Devi a lot. She has been very close to my heart. I will miss her. All I can say is that it is time for a little rest now. I plan to go to Dubai with my family. But I will get back soon with something new.”

On the overall experience of being part of Mere Angne Main, Krutika goes on to say, “This show has given television a lot. It is the first show to be aired for one hour daily. The multi-camera setup has been enjoyable as we shoot the whole scene from the beginning to the end. We had lot of give and take with other artistes.”

Talking about the friendly ambience on the set, the actress avers, “We were all friendly with the youngsters, especially with Ekta Kaul. We have had a lot of fun together. I will miss all of them.”

Krutika feels that Mere Angne Main could have had a longer run. “It has been a fabulous show, a big canvas with lot of potential. I thought it could run for five years. But as the saying goes – Man proposes, God disposes!!”

The veteran actress has had a vast experience as an actor, but claims that she has done a lot of work, but a lot more is to be done. Talking about the young actors of today, she states, “The youngsters are more confident than we were in our time. But that is where all of it stops sometimes. There is no learning at all. The one thing that has spoilt the whole scenario is the cell phone. We never used to have cell phones in our days. We used to always look to learn, and see and observe others working. But now, all are so into their phones that all growth stops there. In the era we are in, there is so much of exposure available to learn, but unfortunately it does not happen.”

Krutika feels blessed and feels that work has always come to her easily. “I have taken my career gaps and have got back after my sabbaticals. But every character of mine has come with a new flavour. When I returned with Ram Milaayi Jodi, it was appreciated. Post a sabbatical, I got back with Uttaran. And now this character in Mere Angne Main has been wonderful. I hope it continues this way.”

On the booming digital market, Krutika states, “See the change is for the good. But when TV came years back, movies still existed and it is present even today. In the same way, even if web-series does well, TV will stay. The bold content that is being offered on the digital space is nice. It is by choice that we get to see it. I will say we need to change our sensibilities. Today, when everything is so very available to the youth, including porn, we need to change the censorship thoughts too in shows. I would say watching all this and getting educated is better.”

Well said!!

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