Akansha Sareen who plays the ruthlessly cold daughter-in-law Rati in Shaadi Mubarak talks about the kind of negativity she is subjected to by fans.

I might decide to quit social media as I cannot take so much of hatred: Akansha Sareen of Shaadi Mubarak

Akansha Sareen who has featured in shows Yeh Teri Galiyaan, Dil Toh Happy Hai Ji plays the role of Rati in Star Plus’ Shaadi Mubarak and is seen in the negative lead role.

Says Akansha with a smile on her face, “On set it is amazing. But when I come home and get into my Instagram, it hits me hard. This role and show is very realistic content. Though there is a section of fans and followers who understand that I am only playing a role, there is also this set of people who do not differentiate between the actor playing the role and the character. Trust me, I might decide to quit social media because I genuinely cannot take so much of hatred.”

“The kind of freedom that people have to just go berserk on social media and attack actors is so crazy. Agreed, my fans who have followed me from the days of Yeh Teri Galliyan appreciate the growth as an actor in me. They are harsh; they are attacking Akansha which is bad. I am sure Gaurav who plays the son in the show will be receiving more of the backlash from fans.”

Fortunately, for Akansha, she has a good guide on set in Manav Gohil. “I keep asking him about how his wife Shweta handled all the negativity when she played negative roles to elan. Manavji helps me a lot to handle this negativity and take it in the stride. All that matters for me is my performance. My cast is happy, my Director and channel is happy with my performance. I think at the end of the day, this is what matters a lot.”

Akansha has a special mention for Director Pradeep Yadav. “I would not have discovered this kind of television shooting if not for Pradeep Sir. He is an amazing Director. He does not treat it like a daily soap. The importance of knowing your character in an out is given priority.”

Talking about her role of Rati in Shaadi Mubarak, Akansha states. “Rati has different goals in life. Her goals are different from what the society sets for an ideal bahu. That is where the conflict arises.”

Going back to the negativity being faced, Akansha has a message to people watching the show. “I want all to differentiate between the actor and character. It is really heartwarming to receive messages about my good performance in this challenging role. But it is not very sweet when they hate Akansha for playing Rati. I am a very sensitive person. Just imagine how you would feel if you are in my place. Here is a request to be limited in your harshness. After all I am doing my work.”


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