Shrenu Parikh aka Janhvi Mittal aka Pooja Sharma of Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna gets into an exclusive conversation on the new storyline in the show.

I miss playing Janhvi but look forward to this new phase in Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna: Shrenu Parikh

Shrenu Parikh the popular actress has been putting her heart and soul into her lead character in Ek Bhram Sarvagun Sampanna, the Star Plus show produced by Dipti Kalwani’s Sunny Side Up.

The character of Janhvi Mittal will now be seen in a dynamic western avatar of Pooja Sharma in the revamped version of the story.

The show will go through a sea-change with Janhvi aka Pooja being pitted opposite Kabir (Zain Imam), after she would succeed in getting revenge against the Mittal family.

Says Shrenu, “All I can say is that the story has taken a huge turn. Janhvi will achieve her revenge, which will be a great watch. That’s how the whole new turn will happen. As seen in the promo, Janhvi as Pooja will get into the Mittal house later on. So from being the perfect bahu, she will become the real person that she is, seeking revenge. Obviously, the viewers knew of her real color from day one. But this transformation will come as a big shock for the Mittals.”

Shrenu will don a new look in the show now. “Yes, about the new look, we wanted to create a different aura and different persona altogether for Pooja. Whatever Janhvi had portrayed was a façade; she was not the girl she posed to be. So this brings in the look change that you can see in the promo.”

How easy was it to transform yourself into the look of Pooja from playing Janhvi? “Honestly, I miss Janhvi, now that I have got into Pooja’s shoes. I enjoyed playing Janhvi. I like this new phase and am glad that I have got to play a new shade altogether in the same show.”

Ask her about the exit of Kavya aka Tanvi Dogra, she states, “Janhvi did not have any issues with Kavya. However, she was a huge hurdle in the revenge process of Janhvi. So it was necessary for Janhvi to do what she did. Otherwise, in Kavya’s presence, it would have been a huge letdown in Janhvi’s plans.”

Tell her that Janhvi somewhere did develop feelings for her husband Dhruv (Ishaan Singh Manhas), and Shrenu Parikh avers, “The only aim in life for Janhvi was revenge and that is what she wanted. Yes, as Pooja, she might have had some feelings for Dhruv. But that did not overpower her feelings of revenge. Dhruv was always a collateral damage for her.”

Ask her about the new path wherein she will face Kabir aka Zain Imam, and she exclaims, “The story line will be very different and interesting now. Yes, this will mean that Pooja will clash more with Kabir. Lot of Zain Imam fans will come in and keep a watch; I know I am going to be at the receiving end when it comes to comments. But I am all ready for it. I am going to love it.”

Ask her about the dropping numbers bringing in this change and Shrenu Parikh gives her point of view, “I do not really know about why this has happened. After all, the show’s survival matters a lot. I don’t think we have taken this decision suddenly. And if some decisions have been taken by the makers, they would have had a serious thought about it.”

On the ratings, she states, “Well it is quite sad that the ratings at the 7 PM slot has not ticked. We however rule the online charts. We can only hope that we move on from here.”

Are you disappointed with the ratings? “I take it positively. I have worked hard for this role, and have given more than 100 percent. I think my producers are very happy, and so are my fans. I really don’t care about what happens next. Every show has its own destiny. Nothing is in our hands. I am blessed that I am getting this kind of a role, when I had only done positive roles till now. Getting such a role in itself is an achievement for me.”

Shooting with Zain is fun says Shrenu Parikh. “It has just been one day of shoot in the new track. We are having a great time. I am sure the fans will love it too.”

Best of luck, Shrenu!!

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