The fitness routine of Mohsin Khan every boy must follow

Mohsin Khan’s unique fitness mantra!

From the time they wake up to when going back to bed, we want to know their routine, fitness regimes, makeup rituals, and diet plans, among many other things.

And one of those celebrities is none other than the dapper Mohsin Khan who is currently ruling the hearts of a zillion female fans as Kartik in Star Plus Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

When asked about his daily routine, he was once quoted saying, “Owing to tight shooting schedules, I can’t hit the gym regularly, so, I carry my gym to the sets. As actors, it is crucial for us to feel and look good on the screen and this comes from staying fit and energetic. I have kept a dumbbell set in my room which helps

me build triceps and biceps which I then follow up with push-ups and stretching exercises. Also, I ensure I swim for 30 minutes each day. Since I love sports, I play cricket which helps me stay active. Fitness for me is a combination of mental and physical strength and balance and you must have your mind in focus and at peace. Therefore, I read the namaz which is a form of meditation for me and helps in maintaining my peace of mind.”

Also, he loves to eat light meals every two hours which include, Protein bar, an Omelet sandwich, an apple, and some dry fruits.

Isn’t his routine interesting?

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