A talented actress, Hina Khan has captured hearts with her acting on screen. With her various film roles, she has grown as an actress and taken on new challenges to demonstrate her worth in the field. Aside from that, the genuine diva enjoys eating. The diva is a great foodie who never misses an opportunity to indulge in delicious cuisine. So, she takes time off to learn and make things on her own. At the same time, you may be wondering what she likes for breakfast. She has uploaded a photo of a tempting breakfast to her Instagram story. Let us check it out.

Hina Khan’s Morning Breakfast Appearance-

The actress shared a picture of herself on her Instagram story for her delicious morning breakfast. The actress starts her day on a healthy and fulfilling note. In the picture, her plate is filled with white and yellow sunny-side-up three eggs and garnished with red chilled masala and coriander. She also added a crunchy twist to her breakfast with garlic bread. Her breakfast is incomplete without a cup of coffee.

She captioned her Instagram post, “BREKKIE.”

Morning Munchies: Hina Khan's Favourite Breakfast Revealed! 890879

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