Rohit Purohit who plays the part of Alexander in Sony TV’s Porus talks about the intense make-up process he indulged in to get into the muddy look for a scene.

The ‘muddy’ look for Porus will be one of the special sequences in my career: Rohit Purohit

Talented actor Rohit Purohit who essays the role of Alexander in Sony TV and Swastik Pictures’ show Porus feels fortunate to have got the opportunity of being part of the show, as every day gives him new challenges in the role.

Very recently, Rohit had the tough task before him of donning a look wherein he is in a completely muddy avatar which is followed by another look wherein his body has been burned.

Take a look at this picture and you will understand the effort gone into shooting this sequence.

As per the plot, Alexander and his men would have kidnapped Chanakya (Chetan Pandit) and will be about to kill him when Chanakya will request for a last wish of immersing himself in the mitti (mud) where he has been born and raised. However, this will be Chanakya’s ploy and after smearing mud all over his body, he will not get killed when burnt. He will thus escape from the hands of Alexander. When Alexander will come to know of this, he will smear mud all around himself and will also set himself ablaze in order to find out the secret behind Chanakya’s escape.

When contacted, Rohit Purohit told, “Yes, I was very apprehensive in doing this scene. But then I thought that very few actors will get the opportunity of performing such scenes. It was very difficult to shoot it, but I enjoyed this experience. This sequence will remain as one of the special memories of my career.”

“I am usually very finicky when it comes to the make-up I put on my face. So smearing mud all over my face, body and even hair was a tough task. I also had to put up the black color to show the burnt look,” he adds.

Talking about the elaborate make-up process involved, he states, “It took nearly 2 hours for me to get ready in the completely muddy look. Another 45 minutes extra we used to take to get to the burnt look. So overall, long hours were involved in sitting for make-up. I am happy with the end result as the scene has come out well.”

Way to go, Rohit!!

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