Farnaz Shetty who is in love with her Waaris co-star Neel Motwani talks about her changed life post bagging Waaris.

I must thank Waaris for making me meet the love of my life – Farnaz Shetty

Love is a beautiful feeling and it makes you glow. Talented and good looking actor Farnaz Shetty who is currently doing an episodic in Zee TV Fear Files series is in one such happy secure space with guy Neel Motwani. They were the lead pair in the recently ended TV show Waaris.

So how did love happen? “Well at first we did not like each other; it took us time to accept each other with all our flaws. I must thank Waaris for making me meet the love of my life,” avers Farnaz.

Was it tough to accept the fact that you were in love, given the above differences? “It was very gradual. At first we were not sure, but yes, we liked each other’s attention and company. There was a bond developing even when we were fighting.”

“What I best like about him is his innocence; he is still a kid. He is also very pure at heart and is in constant touch with his spiritual side as well,” stated the girl in love.

“He is also very unpredictable and is not your normal kind of guy. But yes his surprises are pleasant. For example, we were not supposed to meet for my birthday, but he turned up with balloons and flowers. He made my day with all the music and other trappings.”

On his trait that she would want to change, Farnaz explains, “Being hyper sensitive he might end up harming himself more than others. And I don’t want to see him hurt.”

What makes your relationship tick? “Understanding and trust. You also need to accept the other as a different individual.”

And on the way she perceives their love life she avers, “I am a very confident person. I believe that my man is lucky to have me and if he ever decides to leave, it will be his loss and not mine.”

In closing Farnaz has the following relationship advice to budding lovers.“You should find somebody who loves you the way you do. It should not be that that the guy is not serious but the girl is. If it is a temporary affair, both should be on the same page, so that no one feels shortchanged.”

Wish you a great future filled with love, happiness and success, Farnaz!!

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