Actress Aayushi Bhave Tilak, the enchanting lady who plays the role of Munmun Kaushik Bagchi in Colors’ Neerja Ek Nayi Pehchaan, is learning with this engaging experience that she has had with this role. Aayushi who debuted on Hindi TV with Udti Ka Naam Rajjo, is getting confident of playing more versatile roles in her career.

In an exclusive conversation with, Aayushi talks about her role, her co-actors and on the show.

Read on.

Munmun looks exquisite in her fashion and styling in Neerja. How do you feel?

Thank you very much for all the love and appreciation I’ve been receiving for Munmun.

Are there any inputs that you give for your designing?

I absolutely love the looks our Stylist Shivani Shiralli has chosen for Munmun. Traditional, yet very modern and stylish. Munmun is very quirky, so I think the modern touch just elevates my character.

And yes, I try to put in some effort with different hairstyles and bold eye makeup! Munmun has a vibrant and witty personality, so we play along with a variety of colourful kajal and eye shadows.

How would you define Munmun as a character?

Munmun is very chirpy and full of life. She lives in her own bubble and dreams of all the luxuries and for that, she can go to any extent. She is a no filter talkative Bong. I enjoy playing this character!! It’s a challenge to be funny but I love it.

How is it to shoot with senior actor Abhishek Rawat who is doing a very different role?

Abhishek Rawat (Kaushik ji) is an absolute gem of a person. He is very cordial and helpful. With all his experience of working in this industry for so long, his input helps me build my character as Munmun. His sense of humour is unbeatable. And the way he plays Kaushik’s role just adds more drama to our performance as a witty and funny couple.

How does it feel working with Rajveer again?

Rajveer is a very good friend of mine. We developed this friendship in our last show and luckily we got an opportunity to work together again in different roles. There’s a sense of comfort in working with familiar faces in this show. I’ll just count myself lucky.

Who is your best friend from the industry?

I have 2 friends from the industry, that I consider to be my closest friends. Kushagre Dua and Rajveer Singh. As we worked together in the previous show, the friendship grew stronger with time.

What has your biggest learning been in the Hindi TV industry?

My biggest learning working in the Hindi television industry would be to take every day as a new challenge. And try to give 100% more than the previous day. Every day is a new opportunity to showcase your talent. And that’s the beauty of Television shows.

What kind of roles do you aim to play in future?

As of now, I don’t want to restrict myself or put myself in a box to play certain kinds of roles. I’m relatively new in this industry and I would love to explore and learn.

Are you now worried that you will be typecast as negative lead?

No, I’m not worried at all about being typecast. I don’t believe in such a thing. I am happy if I do justice to the character and if I convincingly look like that character. Any actor would like to pull off different types of characters and roles.

What are your expectations from this show and role?

My expectation from this show is to win the audience’s hearts. This show is very unique and the story is very interesting. I hope the audience connects with this love story and all the different characters played by such brilliant actors !! Munmun has definitely given me some kind of confidence to play some more challenging roles in the future!