Actress Megha Chakraborty, who plays the lead role in Star Plus’ Imlie is a father’s girl!! Megha believes that fathers are pillars of support and help giving the best to their children. For Megha, her father is more like her friend, and she never hesitates when it comes to sharing anything with him. On the occasion of Father’s Day which gets celebrated on 18 June, Megha has a few words to talk about her father and her relationship with him, and on the advice that she has always got from him.

Says Megha, “My equation with my father, Shakti Chakraborty, is very cute, nok-jhok types. I am a very pampered daughter. We always start having cute banter over so many things. He misses me now a lot because I am not able to be at home given my shooting schedule.”

Talking about what she learnt from him, Megha adds, “He tells me not to use harsh words towards anyone, to think before speaking and not to borrow money from anyone, and that I should work for myself. My father is very appreciative of everyone’s work. He always comes ahead and appreciates everyone. Even when he comes to visit me on the set he compliments everyone. He is a very proud father, who tells everyone who has watched Imlie that his daughter plays the lead in it (smiles softly).”

Aww!! That’s cute!!

Happy Father’s Day to our readers!!