Amandeep Sidhu who plays the lead in Star Plus' new show Chashni gets talking about her role.

My role in Chashni is not about appearance, it is all about realism and performance: Amandeep Sidhu 780467

Actress Amandeep Sidhu who is known for her lead portrayal in Teri Meri Ikk Jindri is soon to start her next big role on TV. Playing the role of a never-seen-before girl firefighter in Star Plus’ upcoming show Chashni, Amandeep has toughened up a lot, is what we can say for this role.

Amandeep is also known for her performances in Naagin 6, Choti Sarrdaarni.

Says Amandeep, “This is a very different role. She is going to be the first-ever firefighter woman on TV. It is not an easy job to play a firefighter. This concept will be new to me as well as to the audience. I am happy and excited to start this new journey. Every day I am learning so much. It feels great to be serving the Nation as a firefighter. There is a huge reason behind it, why this character wants to be a firefighter. I am nervous for sure, but am hoping for the best.”

On the preparations that Amandeep had to get into for the role, she states, “I did not have any reference to look at with respect to a firefighter. I just focussed on my physical health, as it is important for this character. Chandni is on the run always, saving lives. Apart from this, I am following the guidance of my creative team and director.”

“I am a yoga person. I am doing yoga for the past four years. I run for 45 minutes when I have a late call time. I want to keep up with my stamina. I am eating good food. My fans will see me in a bit bulkier version. This role is not about appearance, it is only about the realistic ambience of the character. I will be seen in a very rustic look. I go with relatively no makeup for this role. I am focussing on the performance. My director Neeraj Baliyan wants realism in the role, and I work a lot on it. All of this makes this role very different from what I have performed,” she adds.

Talking about her co-actor Srishti Singh, Amandeep avers, “Srishti was an introvert to begin with. Now we have a very good connect. She is a very good actor. She was nervous towards the start, but all of us on the set made her comfortable. Now she is handling things very well. She is doing a fabulous job.”

On what can be expected out of her character, Amandeep quips, “Audience will see a rustic Amandeep for the first time. She is raw and real. They will see the vulnerability in Chandni’s character, with her parents. They will see a loving Chandni with her boyfriend. Also, there will be an emotional bond that she holds with her sister. It is a big responsibility for me. I am giving my hundred percent.”

Speaking about the unique concept about a sister becoming the saas to another sister, Amandeep explains, “We have seen many saas bahu stories. Chashni will give a new dimension. We are sisters who can die for each other. There is so much love and purity between the sisters. Later, when the sister becomes the saas, it does not take away the bond that they share as sisters. They can never be enemies. They behave differently in the new zone, but they cannot remove the love that they have for each other.”

She says that she has high expectations from the show. “My expectations are very high for Chashni. I am looking different in this show. I have gone so much into the depth of this character. I have worked hard and am continuing to work hard. She is vulnerable as well as the one who bonds her family together. I expect a lot from this show for myself.”

Best of luck, Amandeep!!

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