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Sana Amin Sheikh the talented actor gets talking for our Rapid Fire segment. Check it out.

My voice is my priceless possession: Sana Amin Sheikh

Sana Amin Sheikh comes across as an outspoken girl with spunkiness and enthusiasm always embedded in her attitude. In addition to being a versatile actor, Sana is a great RJ and has her own shows on radio.

Sana who was last seen in Nazar was more than happy to answer her share of Rapid Fires for our segment at

And must say, we were very happy with the answers we got!!

Describe yourself as a teenager in 3 words: Spunky, well-spoken and super-confident (which I am still now)

Are you a tattoo person: No!

If you had a superpower what would it be: I will make Corona go… Go Corona go.

Would you date a fan: No, I will not date a fan but I could date an admirer.

Do you sing in the shower?: I always sing in my shower. To tell you, I sing always even when I am not in the shower

Any wild dream you have seen: Yes, I was sitting on top of an aeroplane, holding the wings like how you hold a bike while riding it. The plane was flying over a sea (smiles).

Your biggest or weirdest fear: Fear will be that Nature will be ruined by us (humans)

Your Priceless Possession: My voice and I thank God for it!!

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