Hitesh Makhija who will enter Shaadi Mubarak gets into an exclusive conversation.

Neel in Shaadi Mubarak will have both positive and negative shades: Hitesh Makhija

Actor Hitesh Makhija earlier known as Kabeer Makhija will soon enter Shaadi Mubarak the Star Plus show produced by Shashi Sumeet Productions.

He will play the layered character of Neel, brother of KT (Manav Gohil).

The pleasant coincidence is that the actor was earlier slated to play the part of Tarun. Hitesh was locked before the lockdown, but he decided not to start shoot during the lockdown phase.

Says Hitesh, “Neel will be a character who will go against KT. Also, he will have a love story of his own. Neel is a tough character to play. He has both positive as well as negative shades. He is positive in front of few characters, but he will be negative with a few. I am entering midway in the show.”

“The character will have his own journey, back story and an interesting tale forward. I trust Sheetal Mam and she likes me doing the negative roles.”

Ask him about the possibility of him playing Tarun earlier, and Hitesh explains, “I was very keen on doing the show. However, when the lockdown started, my parents were very against me starting shoot so soon. Hence I had to back out. But now, I guess this is a new norm in which we live and we have to slowly get accustomed to the new ways of working.”

“I am now happy that I am back to work. I was missing my work and I am glad that I am facing the camera again.”