Neha Marda’s shocking transformation for the horror look in Laal Ishq

I think looking scary or ugly doesn’t dampen your true beauty as an actor or person: Neha Marda

We have often heard stories how actors and actresses refrain from taking up roles that make them look scary and unappealing on screen. Many stars are afraid to shun their pretty good looks for an ugly, scary character on screen when a role calls for it. But, that’s not the case with television’s stunning beauty Neha Marda, who has played some memorable roles on television. The actress is all set to make her first supernatural entry in &TV’s Laal Ishq. Neha will be essaying the role of Genda – a newlywed bride of Kishore (Sartaj Gill), and the story goes in the direction of an old saying, ‘When a person goes to bed thirsty, the soul leaves the body in search of water and returns back’. But Genda’s soul is found trapped in the process and the rest of the story will scare the day lights out of the viewers.

Talking about delving into her first supernatural show, Neha said “Being an actor I do not want to limit myself to any sort of roles. I believe as an actor, your job is not just to look nice on screen but to do what you’re best at i.e. acting and doing complete justice to the character you portray on screen. Even a legendary actor like Amitabh ji in the movie ‘Paa’ pulled off such an incredible character of a person going through a genetic disorder with a complete prosthetic look. Also, Anushka Sharma’s ghastly scary look in Pari was commendable, pulling off such roles is extremely challenging. And I think looking scary or ugly doesn’t dampen your true beauty as an actor or a person.”

She further adds, “This is my first foray into the supernatural genre with Laal Ishq and the viewers will see me as a ghost. It was a completely different yet exciting experience for me not only in terms of the look but also acting. I was honestly so scared of the look and character that I refused to look at myself in the mirror.” (laughs).

Way to go Neha!


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