Neha Marda the talented actress has been on a break from TV, and is now eager to make a comeback. She talks about life during the pandemic, and plans for the future.

What’s been happening with you? Fill us in.

We had been really caught up with my mom-in-law who was not keeping well. The last 5 months had been crazy and hectic, now that things are getting back with her feeling better I am back to my schedule work and workouts and leading a healthy life.

When do we see you back on screen?

I can’t comment on what exactly but you will see me soon on some good platform. I am open to good content on any platform.

Are you open to OTT?

I love OTT and I am more than graciously open to OTT. I love the content on OTT and it is something I most definitely want to take up. It will be something I am looking forward to as it will help me balance my personal and professional life even better.

Is shuttling between two cities for work and personal life difficult?

Well, it is more fun, it keeps the spark in my marriage alive. Also, it keeps my travel bug entertained. I love airports and I love to travel, it makes me invest even more in my personal and professional life more earnestly.

We heard you are at Jindal Farms for a detox?

Yes, I am at Jindal Farms and this place is my favourite go-to. With the Pandemic and my mom-in-law not being well, I couldn’t make it earlier, but am here now. It’s peaceful and is a part of my future and lifestyle. This is the 5th year I am here.

Is a long-distance marriage difficult?

Not at all..there are a few ticks. One has to remember to make your marriage successful…be loyal, honest and make efforts and try and stay in touch as much….whenever you have some time, make sure you make time for your person who is your constant…marriage is great.