Nia Sharma has had a fun time vacationing for days now. And here's the aftermath of the long vacation she had to face as she has returned to basics

Nia Sharma Facing Aftermath Of Vacationing, Check Out

Nia Sharma is a talented and renowned name in the Television business. She is known for her acting prowess in shows like Ek Hazaaron Meri Behna Hai, Jamai Raja, and Naagin. Other than that, she is known for her active Instagram presence. As per the feed, she had a great and fun time in the United States Of America on her vacation for days. And here’s the diva facing the aftermath of the long trip.

Aftermath Of Long Trip

The 32-year-old took to her Instagram and shared a video of herself returning to basics. The fitness freak Nia Sharma after spending days on her vacation, has now again started her fitness regime. Earlier, she shared the video and clips of her backflip practice. It has been days she was not working out and practising flips, and now it has become challenging for her to do it like before.

The actress was quite good at doing the backflip, but after her long vacation, it has become difficult for her to do. However, in the video, the diva still does it but gets falter when she lands.

Nia Sharma, like many actresses, is very strict about her diet and exercise. She never misses a chance to work out and make herself better. She is a role model for many fans and audiences.

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