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Nia Sharma: The secrets of her well toned and perfect figure 2

Nia and her perfectly toned body have never failed to surprise the audience and we just cannot keep calm about her latest evolution! She has been declared as one of the sexiest Asians in the world. But, if you think that this transformation is cake walk or it’s just a few gym routines here and there then you would be totally phased after hearing this style icon’s routine. Nowadays, where every single person is trying to lose weight to be slim and trim and look their absolute best, television star Nia Sharma has even exceeded the fitness goals of some of the biggest Bollywood celebrities out there.

With her passion of ice-skating and driving, and her rigorous workout routine that she balances with her shooting schedules, she is our one true role-model who is proving it time and again that women rule in every sense!

Nia Sharma: The secrets of her well toned and perfect figure

Its time we all dig a little deeper into her exercise routines and follow her to achieve this type of a dream body. Ishq Mein Marjawan actress Nia Sharma actually spends quality time behind her fitness and physique to get these envious curves.

She is an active and enthusiastic individual who’s totally into jogging and is very cautious about what she eats. So one of the major takeaways from this fab actress would be that our diet has 70% impact on our body while exercise has 30%. So if you too we’re wondering how she controls her body without exercising, then you now know how to achieve the same.

Nia Sharma may not have ever endorsed having a toned body always but she deeply believes in the saying, fit over fat!

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