Nia Sharma embarks on a brand new journey, of playing the titular role in Colors’ new supernatural presentation, Suhagan Chudail, produced by Peninsula Pictures. The intriguing promos of the show give the fans of Nia a clear picture of how extravagant and challenging her role will be in the show. As we know, Nia plays the Suhagan Chudail with special powers who will be obsessed with the male lead and will want to have him for herself at any cost. She has this drive to sacrifice men for her immortality. As Nia now prepares for this fantasy thriller, she took time to follow up on her 13-year-long tradition of visiting the Siddhivinayak temple and seeking blessings of the Almighty for her new show. Nia has been doing so, for many years now, and before the telecast of her new project, she has always taken blessings of the Siddhivinayak.

Following up with this customary, Nia was seen going to the temple to offer her prayers. Of course, this is a special project and role for Nia and she will want the immense support of the script and role, and also of her fans for things to fall in place. And before all this, she took blessings of the divine power which is absolutely important.

You can check the Video here.

View Instagram Post 1: Nia Sharma Visits Siddhivinayak Temple; Follows The Tradition Before Launch of Her Show Suhagan Chudail On Colors

Suhagan Chudail on Colors, is the show that warns the protecting loved ones from a deadly enchantress. Nishigandha (played by Nia Sharma), a chudail, uses Solah Shringaar to lure and sacrifice men for immortality. However, she is challenged by Deeya (Debchandrima Singha Roy), who fiercely protects Moksh (Zayn Ibad Khan) with her love.

All love to Nia for her new show!!