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Candid chat with Bhumika Gurung

Nimki has been a very good, complex and challenging character: Bhumika Gurung

Young lass, Bhumika Gurung, who rose to fame as Nimki in Star Bharat show, Nimki Mukhiya, is elated that her show has successfully completed 500 episodes.

Talking about the achievement, she shares, “I am really very happy, and exactly as you mentioned, we have reached 500 episodes very fast. So yes, that’s a shocking element right now and I am feeling very good and proud about it.”

When asked about her over-all journey, she adds, “If you play one character for so many years, then you obviously pick up some of its traits. I think, from Nimki’s character, played by me, I have picked up many positives things as Nimki herself is so positive as a character. I think Nimki is a very good, complex, and at the same time, really challenging character to play, and playing it for 500 episodes was only possible with everyone’s support, so feeling great about it.”

In the recent track, Nimki went through a tough phase. When asked how difficult it was for her to portray the emotions of a rape survivor, she avers, “I think rape is just one of the elements. The sensitive part, according to me, is that Nimki’s dad is gone and at the same time she has come out of a marriage where she has only got betrayal and only bad things have happened to her. In spite of all these circumstances, Nimki still puts on makeup the next day and goes out, just to keep herself strong and positive. I think that was the most sensitive part for me. And if we talk about the bad thing that happened to her (rape), we wanted to convey a message to society that why should a girl stay at home; why should she not put on any makeup and why shouldn’t she go out; why should she close herself at home and why only her name should be tarnished? These were the questions we wanted to ask society, and this was the message we wanted to convey. This has been going on even now, so I feel it is a very strong message through a show like this.”

Elections are around the corner and with your show being around the same topic, is there any message yoy would like to share? “I think that is an achievement as well, because as you see, every show has a love triangle or a saas-bahu drama, or some re-birth and related stuff, but touchwood, we haven’t reached that level. Zama Sir (Producer) has also mentioned that he had only this story in mind from the beginning. I was also told what will happen and we shot the pilot also in the same way, and we haven’t changed even a tiny bit of this show, which is why I am so proud of it. Irrespective of the TRPs, we are sticking to the plot, we are sticking to the story and this will go on in future as well, because this is a character-driven show.”

Ask what she learnt from the character, and she says, “Being positive, being happy for no reason, being enthusiastic, which I am, always. And in a way, there is a sense of responsibility in Nimki —she is a little naive, but she is very responsible and matured as well. So I think all of these qualities should be embraced by everyone, and I think I was also able to imbibe some of it.

On an end not, she shares, “I was serious from the beginning, and yes, this was all part of the journey of a naive girl — from where she started and where she has reached; how she is using the power she has been entrusted with. I think everyone learns with time. If someone makes me Mukhiya someday, even I will be overwhelmed with what’s happening. So I think it is a very true journey that has been shown in a true way. Going forward, Nimki will certainly not change. She will stay in her Nimki element, but definitely, many changes will take place.” She ends on a positive and happy tone as Nimki, “Stay tuned, it’s going to be amazing.”

Good luck girl!

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