Candid chat with Bhumika Gurung

If Nimki was a real person, she would have been my role model: Bhumika Gurung

Petite limbs and almond eyes Bhumika Gurung burst onto the entertainment circuit with her portrayal of Nimki in Star Bharat show Nimki Mukhiya.

The show has seen a lot of ups and downs in the plot. Recently, the audience will witness Nimki returning to the haveli respectively with Babbu. What will be the new twist in the story, ask Bhumika about it, she says, “The story has definitely seen a lot of changes and layers. The new plotline is intriguing and it will hook the audience. I am also not aware of what is coming next hence it adds an excitement level in me too. The promo has got a great response from the audience and I am flooded with messages on my social media profiles. I am also waiting for the upcoming track like the viewers.”

Talking about the inspiring journey of Nimki, she adds, “Nimki is not like a random TV bahu. We have only seen TV bahus’ sacrificing for others and being the demure one. However, Nimki has broken all stereotypes. She stands up for herself. Her character is powerful and an inspiration for many girls. The journey of Nimki from the beginning has been a roller coaster, from being an immature girl to the strongest woman. If Nimki was in real, she would have been my role model.”

She adds, “People think that only movie actors need preparation for their characters. However, TV actors also need the kind of homework for their characters. Nimki is a revolving and evolving character. I don’t get time to prepare much as I shoot every day. However, we spend time on reading the script. It has been two years but we focus on our performances and deliver our best. Zama (Habib, producer) sir writes beautifully which motivates us to give our best. I think so Nimki has been the most difficult role of my life. However, with an amazing team by my side, I have enjoyed every bit of it.”

Well said, girl!

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