In conversation with Rachna Parulkar

We have no idea when will things resume: Rachna Parulkar

Actor-dancer Rachna Parulkar is happy that her Sony historical show Maharana Pratap is joining the rerun TV party during lockdown days. “While I am not sure if the post leap phase featuring Ssharad Malhotra and I will come before lockdown lift, but our show ticked all the boxes, i.e. appearing grand and having a different story. Faisal Khan, Roshni Walia, Jannat Zubair, and did a great job back in the teenage phase.”

Looking forward, Rachna who has a new Star Plus show and a web series, says, “The lockdown has stopped everything in its track. We have no idea when will things resume. It is a bit scary as well as seeing the second wave in China.”

How do you see your decade long career?

“Quite satisfied, having started at 19 with different genres like Saat Phere – Saloni Ka Safar,(dark-skinned girl), Sapnon Se Bhare Nain (family drama) and Ek Mutthi Aasmaan (social theme ). I took an unintentional two-years acting sabbatical in 2017, which helped reignite my traditional dance career that had taken a back seat due to constant tv commitments.’

She came back late last year replacing the one of two female leads Chavvi Pandey in ill-fated star Plus mythological offering Namah.

“I was originally supposed to play Parvati but budgets did not work out, and they chose someone else.”

Here Rachna informs that Namah was originally limited series show ( 53 episodes) written for a weekend format but later moved to a weekday slot as the Saturday Sunday slate was full. As it happened, the story fell between the stools for the original weekend writing did not cut much ice with daily audiences.

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